Hey Everyone. There was so much going on during the last year that I really didn't have the time to update my portfolio since then. That recently came to my mind when I was hearing myself saying the phrase "... isn't on my portfolio yet, but I can show you via Skype". Well, it's time to do something about that. So I took the assets I more or less recently made for TankShot Commandos and put them on artstation. I also added the new Images to the footage on the site under http://visionvortex.de/projects/tankshot. So you can give that a look if you please.

The whole Project really is somewhat of a challenge in that it's operated under a very indie budget, meaning very low ;D So all assets are sort of mid to low poly, with highpoly baking used very sparingly throughout the project. Be absolutely sure to take a look on my Artstation page because it has all the marmoset viewer files for you to take apart. If you have any questions, be sure to ask me on Twitter @visionvortex!

Of course that is not everything. In addition there was a whole set of differently size tank chassis models. It was pretty fun designing those. Everything is modular. So Up to now, they all bear the same turret.