Rambling of a restless mind. That propably gets it. I write about whatever comes to my mind. Granted, that's a lot of more or less useless stuff. So I'll probably spare you of my thoughts of lesser importance or those that are borderline mad. The rest would be science, philosopy, computer graphics and mostly game development.

Hey Everyone. There was so much going on during the last year that I really didn't have the time to update my portfolio since then. That recently came to my mind when I was hearing myself saying the phrase "... isn't on my portfolio yet, but I can show you via Skype". Well, it's time to do something about that. So I took the assets I more or less recently made for TankShot Commandos and put them on artstation. I also added the new Images to the footage on the site under So you can give that a look if you please.

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