Rambling of a restless mind. That propably gets it. I write about whatever comes to my mind. Granted, that's a lot of more or less useless stuff. So I'll probably spare you of my thoughts of lesser importance or those that are borderline mad. The rest would be science, philosopy, computer graphics and mostly game development.

Performance optimization is a big thing for procedural content creation. You don't want to wait like forever for the level to load. So, since the last blog entry I did some groundwork for getting the framework do it's thing faster. This week, I took a VERY close look on the generation modules, the walkers. A walker is basically a Sampler/Placer for grid values with a specific algorithm. Each walker does something else. Some Walkers have a very low performance footprint. They complete in under 4 mas even with map sizes of a 1000 square. Which means one million cells. One bloody million. Needless to state, that some other walkers are WAY more expensive when it comes to them doing their thing. Like the Mazer. This walker creates mazes. Ranging from perfect mazes to variations with loops and such. And even with small maps, this comes with a price. its like 300ms average for 50 square grids. But that's only after my first optimization pass.

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