I have been doing 1Bit pixel art for quite some time now. I am fascinated with the style, that emerges. I am fascinated by the challenge, too.

Just having two colors to work with. I love it. It really reminds me of comic style inking. But challenge aside, it's also quite liberating in that you only have to worry about those two colors to make everything shine. It forces reduction and, at the same time, creates a certain graphical quality. It emphasizes the concentration on the basic attributes of light and shadow. Or if you restrict yourself to very small dimensions, you are forced to create readable abstract icons more than actual shapes.

All pretty interesting. Of course I am inevitably drawn to something that looks like a game. I especially enjoyed making up the fake UI. Trying to reduce to the minimum viable visualization.

Below you can see some of my efforts. I'll write a proper article on 1Bit design when I get further in my endeavors :D

You can also find this post over on my Artstation Blog page!


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