Ok. The last month was HORRIFIC! Not just because of Halloween. I had so much work to do. Not the least chunk of work was this homepage. Fixing bugs, working on design, crying over deeply hidden undocumented stuff (or stuff that I was just too blind to find).

Anyway. I uploaded the final style and started to pour in some content. I did some "project data sightseeing" yesterday and was totally blow away. I found stuff I already forgot i did. So, that's good in a way, but it also means a whole lot of work. Preparing the assets from CipSoft's FictionFighters project will prove especially hard. After all it has been five years of service on that project. And I did a lot of stuff in that time. Most of the 3D assets were rendered in our engine with a buckload of post, so I'll have to figure out a way to prepare those for your viewing pleasure. But I am on it.

I already poured in my sketches to a gallery site, but I need to find another gallery plugin that is more... I don't know, photo wall like? I'm on it. Don't despair. I'm already despairing for you. So what's on my Checklist...

  • Gallery Plugin
  • Make that pretty
  • Add social media links (I know you want it!... No? -.- )
  • Add more content
  • Enable RSS (I know this works for my CMS. I just don't know how, yet)

Apart from that I've got some exciting stuff coming. I'll be sure to keep you updated. So long!


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